About Us

Coach Training and Certifications
Each of our coaches have more than 200 hours of Coach-specific Training and collectively over 1000 hours of paid coaching practice. In addition, our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaches (IAC).
Standards and Mastery
* Code of Ethics: Our coaches are committed to the strict codes of confidentiality, conduct and ethical standards.
* Coaching Supervision: Our coaches attend regular peer coaching supervisor and/or work with a mentor coach.
* Continuous Education: Our coaches are committed to Continuous Coach Education (CCE) to upgrade and hone coaching competencies.
Coaching Models and Approaches
* Erickson’s The Art and Science of Coaching
* Solutions-Focussed
* Integral Coaching
Multi-disciplinary Competencies
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming
* Personality Profiling (MBTI, DISC, Situational Leadership)
* Cross-Culture Dimensions
* Action Learning
* Belbin Team Roles
* Principled Negotiation
Diversity in Markets, Languages and Cultures
* Asia Pacific
* The Americas
* Europe
* Middle East
* Public Sector and Government
* Corporate and Multinationals
* Non-Profit and Non-Government Organizations
Social Responsibility
Our coaches are active volunteers in the following:
* ICF Singapore Executive Committee
* Asian Women’s Welfare Association
* Clarity Singapore Limited (Charity for Mental Health)
* Centre for Non-Profit Leadership