In partnership with our clients, we design and deliver leadership intervention programs at the individual, group and organizational levels in:
Executive Leadership and Performance
Jim has been a strong performer and contributor in his role as the Director for Human Resources for many years. He is well respected by his peers and direct reports. His boss feels that Jim is a potential candidate for promotion into the executive team but this view is not shared by the other executives in the company.
Linda was recently hired as the Vice-President of Services in a large technology company. While she acknowledges that individuals in her executive team have been high performers, she also recognizes that as a team, they need to be better collaborators.
Developing Managers into Leaders
Sharon has been working with a coach to improve her effectiveness as a program manager. While she feels that the coaching has been useful in helping her motivate her team, she is still frustrated that her boss continues to delegate responsibilities to her despite knowing that Sharon is over-loaded with work.
David has been recently promoted into a regional role which requires him to relocate. This is his first time working in a different country and managing several teams from diverse cultures and languages. He has learnt about leadership styles in a training and is keen to try it out in his new role but David finds it hard not to revert to his old style which he believes is more effective.
In addition, our team of credentialed coaches support the development of internal coaches within the organization through:
* IAC Coaching Masteries Training
* Mentor Coaching for ICF and IAC Certification
* Coaching Supervision
* Communities of Practice